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“The truth has come, and therefore falsehood has vanished. Indeed, falsehood is ever bound to vanish by its very nature. For We send down the Quran as a cure and a mercy for the believers.” (Quran 17:81-2)

Blessed with special prayers by Dr. Abdul Wajid Shazli, this Bhakoor e Shazli is embedded with Quranic ayat and invocations which will protect and also provide a cure for jinns, magic, evil eye, and physical ailments. This Bhakoor e Shazli will Insha Allah

  • Removes Black Magic
  • Remove the Shayateen and Jinn from a household.
  • Removes Nazar
  • Provide a cure for any illness you may have.
  • Facilitate the success of your business
  • Shazli Islamic Center

    How to use the Bhakoor e Shazli

    Step 1: Get 21 pieces of the Bhakoor e Shazli

    Step 2: Recite Suratul Quraish 21 times

    Step 3: Blow the recitations on the Bhakoor e Shazli

    Step 4: Make your intentions

    Step 5: Burn the first piece of the Bhakoor e Shazli

    Step 6: Burn one piece every day for the next 21days after making your intentions daily.

    The Messenger of Allah (SAW) has instructed us to make good use of these two cures, honey and the Quran (Ibn Mājah). This Bhakoor e Shazli is heavily embedded with verses from the Quran and when you seek treatment and protection through the Quran, it demonstrates that you have complete belief in the Book of Allah and Insha’Allah, you will not be disappointed.

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